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Gartfingers cunning plan

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Gartfingers cunning plan

Post by tim_rigby on Wed Jan 13, 2010 8:05 am

I'm surprised no-one has realised yet, this has been evil bond villain Gartfinger's cunning plan, it might be added a plan as cunning as a very cunning fox who has just been appoint Don of advanced cunning and devious machinations at Oxford Universtiy, all along. Get mini Gartfinger, Owen Coyle, appointed at Burnley, deviously he then gets them promoted, all the while acting as a sleeping double agent and we labour under an unpopular and incompetent manager. Once in the Premier League, Coyle leaves mid-season sending Burnley into turmoil, joins us thus making Gartfinger a folk hero and Bolton drive on to the UEFA cup. At the end of the season it will be revealed that the ultimate evil leader Bloevies has installed in every heating element that he supplies to every kettle in the world a self-destruct device which will be activated unless we are paid 1 gazillion pounds making us the richest club in the world. Mwaaahahahahahahah!

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